Zookeepers are left in awe after they go to check on pregnant...

Zookeepers are left in awe after they go to check on pregnant elephant and see its baby walking around too (Video)


Zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park were stunned when they went to check on Umngani, a pregnant elephant that was expecting its fourth calf soon. When they went to check on her (knowing that she was due in a few weeks) they saw something amazing. The elephant mama was not pregnant anymore. In fact, her baby elephant was walking next to her. Mama had most likely given birth in the middle of the night without anyone’s help.

Umgani has three other calves, and during all of her previous pregnancies, she was past her due date. So the arrival of the fourth calf before she was due certainly stunned them. On September 27th, they shared the good news on a Facebook post with the following description

“Late last night, a little girl joined our elephant herd. Umngani’s fourth calf is well on her way to becoming Zuli’s new favorite playmate”.

The following day they also shared a video of the baby meeting the rest of her siblings. They all seemed overjoyed to meet their new sister. But this isn’t all. What is more striking too is the fact that the elephant was born at a whooping 281 pounds. The normal weight range for a baby elephant is between 200 and 268 pounds at birth so this baby broke a record for the park.