Woman catches her cat and dog on camera as the pair is...

Woman catches her cat and dog on camera as the pair is cuddling with one another [Video]


Jordan Ireland is a Student at Concordia University Wisconsin, who occasionally visits her home in Colorado and can’t wait to spend time with her pets while she is there.

To her surprise however, this past December she found her siblings, Pumpkin and Maggie, behaving odd and not like themselves. Maggie is a miniature Labradoodle who joined the family later on after Ireland had graduated from high school. This new addition didn’t work well with calico rescue cat, Pumpkin who was used to having all the attention. So originally, the pair had hated each other, Ireland claims.

As time passed however, Maggie and Pumpkin started acting more like friends and less like enemies. Jordan claims that she would often find the pair playing with one another, chasing each other up and down the stairs enthusiastically.

She however had no idea how much the bond between the two had grown until one day she walked in on them hugging each other. She posted it on Twitter claiming disbelief that she had just witnessed a hug between ex sworn enemies.

The video shows Maggie stroking her cat sister’s back with her paw. Pumpkin responds by wrapping her paws around the fluffy dog.

A week after it was posted, the video has gained more than a million likes and needless to say, has been shared on social media hundreds of thousands of times. Online comments showed equal disbelief as Jordan. Some claimed to have witnessed this type of friendship before. For others, it was so interesting that the video alone was enough to “make” their 2019 even though the year has started recently.

It is quite clear from the kissing and snuggling that the pair has overcome their animosity and have become best buddies.

Ireland is so happy to have captured the whole scenario on video. She is most happy about the fact that her pets have learned to love each other however and hopes their friendship will grow.


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