(Video) The service dog of President’s Bush gets into a new important...

(Video) The service dog of President’s Bush gets into a new important new mission


When the former President of the States, George H.W Bush passed away back in November 30th, he left behind a loving family and also a really devoted service dog named Sully.

President Bush had grown really close to the furry companion and he helped the President on his daily tasks, especially since his wife Barbara passed away. Over the few months that they were together on one-on-one, they grew a very strong and special bond with one another.

Sully never disappointed him and always proved to be a friend. The world loved watching them together too. Sully was trained by the nonprofit America’s VetDogs, and he proved a loyal companion to Bush until the very end of his days. After the President’s passing, Sully was photographed in front of the late friend’s coffin, with the caption “Mission Complete”.

In the days that followed, Sully took time off to enjoy the outside and play with friends, just like Bush always wanted for him. He still had within so much love however and was still very much capable of helping people. So no wonder that just recently the dog moved on to his new mission.


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Mission complete.

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This past Wednesday Sully was welcomed onto the team at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. His primary job duty will entail working with the center’s facility dog program, where he will mostly be concerned with reducing stress levels of patients and the staff members there too.

During the ceremony, Sully looked super proud to be accepting this new role. It is no wonder that he will totally ace this new assignment and it suits him quite perfectly.

Sully held a deep love for his old companion, President Bush, but he is capable of offering so much more love! We can only hope that he will fill others’ lives with joy and they too will do the same in return. Hopefully, Bush would also be really proud of his old friend.