Tiny kitten is helped by the dog to get up the stairs...

Tiny kitten is helped by the dog to get up the stairs and the way he does that it’s so adorable (Video)


People think that it is not possible for cats and dogs to live in harmony with each other but in fact they can be amazing friends and the video below proves the love and caring bind between the two species. The German Shepard named Tennyson is a very caring puppy and loves looking after his sibling. His sibling isn’t a dog, it is a little kitten.

The video shows how their human is trying to train the kitten to use the stairs and Tennyson is seen out of the way watching the kitten doing her walk by herself. However, it seems like he doesn’t like seeing her struggle so he steps in to lend a helping paw. Everyone would love to have a friend like that.

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