This puppy is hired by the Police Department and has an amazing...

This puppy is hired by the Police Department and has an amazing job title


Probably you have never heard of the police referred to as ‘the fuzz’. Now the police department has taken this reference to a whole new level.

Kathryn Smith from the St. Paul Police Department in Minnesota got a call on a nearby farm. A stray mama dog had given birth to a litter of puppies. Smith took the pup family to a local rescue group but first she adopted one of them for herself. She named the puppy ‘Fuzz’ and at the police station is better known as “Sgt. Fuzz”.

Senior commander of community engagement told Dodo: “Our chief brings his dog, Stella, in on Fridays, so we thought it’d be nice to have the puppy come in here and there, too. He was an instant hit with everyone.”

Considering all the stress at work, Sgt. Fuzz is a perfect distraction to get away with it.  The staff came to realize that after the puppy visited them they felt calmer and better. Because of that, the department decided to hire Sgt.Fuzz to be their official  ‘ Cuddle Officer’.

Sgt. Fuzz spends like 10 hours a week there. The staff enjoys playing with the dog and he gives them a lot of cuddles.

Lozova said about the dog: “He’s very playful but also loves to be cuddled,” Lozoya said. “His personality is very welcoming. He’ll lay down and let anyone pet him right away. He’s a very mellow puppy.”

Sgt. Fuzz will also be enrolled in a therapy puppy program in order to help more people feel better during stressful times.

Liza added: “We hope one day, when he is a certified therapy dog, he can not only assist with our staff but also with people who have been victimized and are in need of support,”

“Since the beginning of police and fire departments, animals have always been with us,” Lozoya explained. “He’s sort of this new evolution to a working police canine, who just happens to look like a fluffy teddy bear.”

You can also follow Sgt. Fuzz on Facebook as well as his amazing fellow officers, by clicking here!