This dog feels relief after being saved from the flood

This dog feels relief after being saved from the flood


This is the adorable moment when PETA workers found the dog alone on a porch amid floodwaters caused by a Hurricane Florence.

PETA stated that the dog was terrified outside a home in Lumberton, a town in North Carolina being flooded with water after river Lumber broke its banks.

The staff rescued the dog and took him to a staging area set up by emergency workers in order to move it to a nearby shelter.

The dog will stay for 30 days so that its owners can see him before he is put up for adoption.

PETA has been helping in the areas after Florence in an attempt to keep the animals safe. PETA has also uploaded several videos of workers rescuing cats and dogs from flooded homes after they were left behind.

Millions of animals have been killed due to the floodwaters from Florence after poultry and prok farms in North Carolina were in flood.

According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, 3.4 million chickens and turkeys as well as 5, 500 hogs drowned after the barns they were being kept in flooded.

Sanderson Farms said that they lost 1.7 million chickens after flooding at more than 60 of the independent farms that supply its poultry processing food.

Thirty farms have been isolated near Lumberton due to flood waters, making the delivery of feed animals harder to happen. Birds can die if the lack of food continues and if access isn’t restored quickly.

Lumberton was covered with water after the river near bursts its banks swamping 1,000 buildings in the area.

According to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, the conditions remain poor throughout the country and it’s not easy to estimate the impact because it was impossible for the inspectors to visit the areas affected the most by the flood.

EPA Region 4 Administrator Trey Glenn said in a media release: ‘Water is still rising, flooding is widespread, and lives are still in danger. The government’s first responsibility is to protect lives and the health of the citizens impacted.’