The squirrel tires to keep in touch with the family for 8...

The squirrel tires to keep in touch with the family for 8 years and they realize why she wanted to be close to them


Animals can get easily connected with humans. Even the animals that aren’t domesticated have proved to create a bond with particular people. This squirrel found friends in a family that saved her life.

Brantly Harrison together with her family have rescued a 4 week old squirrel when they found it injured since an owl has attacked it. The squirrel was in a very bad physical condition. But the family saved her and took her to their home and took care of her. Now the squirrel is recovered.

The squirrel was named Bella. The family gave her fruit and nuts to eat so that she could be safe until she could be released back into the wild in spring of 2010. They didn’t know that they will be able to see the squirrel again but they were wrong.

Bella has visited the family who saved her over the past 8 years. She wanted to be noticed by others and stood by the window. She also became very comfortable and would hang out with them in the garden.

‘Bella sits right at the front door waiting for someone to notice she has come by for a visit. She has even resorted to jumping over to the dining room window to peer in for someone to see her.’

Bella is now a member of  a family that loves spending time with other people. One day, she surprised the Harrisons when she arrived at their door while her foot was injured.

She knew that the family would take care of her. They gave her antibiotics and helped her to recover with her health. Bella surprised them all when they saw her in the rehabilitation cage with three tiny babies that she has given birth to.

They were so happy to witness that the baby squirrel that they raised has now given birth to her own babies.

Bella shared this special moment with the humans that once saved her.