The Incredible Story Of 18 Little Pup Dalmatians

The Incredible Story Of 18 Little Pup Dalmatians


When we encounter a Dalmatian in the streets or anywhere, the first thing that goes to our minds is the Disney Classic, 10 Dalmatians. Well, the story you are to ready does not in fact involve 101 Dalmatians, rather 18 of them.

A family from Australia, was told that their dogs who were about to be parents were going to be in for a surprise. Miley, the mother-puppy, and Astro the father were told by the vet’s that they are going to give birth to three puppies. The family was surprised, but yet they were happy to welcome the three puppies.

Little did they know, that the surprise was going to be bigger than that. On May 18th, after 13 hours of labor, the mother Miley gave birth to 18 little puppies. 12 of them were girls and 6 boys, becoming the biggest puppy family in Australia.

The mother and the little 18 puppies are healthy and happy , and watching them snuggle all together will make you happy too!