Take a look at this horse while he shows his amazing dance...

Take a look at this horse while he shows his amazing dance moves


It looks like not only humans are fond of music and dancing. Apparently horses feel the same way. This sport of horse dancing is known as dressage. A particular horse dancer is going viral in internet with his fancy footwork and talented moves that he makes.

At this freestyle dressage competition known as WEG2006, Andreas Helgstrang and his horse named Blue Hors Matine get into the competition. They start showing their moves in the best routine to the crowd.

The popular song of Lionel Richie called ‘Hello’ is played in the background. The announcer says that the horse is enjoying every minute of it.

It’s funny how this horse shows better moves than many people actually do although he is wearing hooves, horseshoes and four limbs. Just watch how this horse makes incredible moves as the tempo of the music changes.

Don’t miss this hilarious video to see by yourself how this horse shows his amazing dance skills.