Student Asks If She Can Bring Dog To Class Before Hurricane, Professor...

Student Asks If She Can Bring Dog To Class Before Hurricane, Professor Answers Perfectly


The Unite States recently have had a number of hurricane hitting the country. One recent one was hurricane Irma. In this regard, a college student named Jessica Lewis had to resolve an issue in order to make sure that her and her little dog are safe.

She had to leave directly after class to evacuate before the hurricane hit. However, she needed to make sure that her dog is also safe. As such, she decided that she would ask her professor Dr.Kennedy if she can bring the dog in. She knew this might not work at all, but she is trying. She sent a message to the professor.

Jessica and Luna would needed to leave the college right after class in order for her to make sure that she is at her parents’ house near Atlanta in tim, before Irma hits.

Needless to say, she started the text by stating “Dr. Kennedy, my name is Jessica Lewis,” she started the message off after working up the courage. “I realize the answer to this is probably no, but I thought that you might actually be a cool enough professor to say yes, and so I figured it was worth a shot. Can I bring my dog to class today?”

The answer from the professor was just unexpected and perfect. He said “Yes.” Jessica was lucky because the professor is a huge lover of dogs. Luna came into the class and she was accommodated in the class and enjoyed the whole class. Luna, as a sign of application she behaved and did not cause any problems during class lecture.

At the end, Luna made some new friends and both her and Jessica were able to arrive at home safe!