Pup Left Outside of School, Little Boy Asks Someone To Give Him...

Pup Left Outside of School, Little Boy Asks Someone To Give Him a Better Life


It was not a usual day for a school janitor. As he was busy as work, like most of the times, he heard a knock on the school’s door. The usual knocks on the door usually came from students who had forgotten their books. However, this one knock was entirely different.

Source: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue/Facebook

As he approached the door, he saw a young boy running away as fast as he could. The janitor was very confused as to why someone might knock on the door and then run immediately. Yet, he still opened it, and was up for a surprise. There was a box, for which one might have thought it would be a gift.

The janitor opened the box, and found a tiny black, adorable, and frightened puppy.

Source: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue/Facebook

At those moments, the janitor did not know what to so. However, after some minutes, he figured he could talk to one of the teachers, who he knew was a big dog lover. As soon as she saw the puppy, it melted her heart. He took the puppy home and names her “Snowflake”.

Unfortunately, though, she was unable to keep Snowflake for a longer period of time. Thus, she called Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue who took Snowflake under their care.

Source: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue/Facebook

People were unable to identify the boy. The letter that he wrote was sad, but his act was kind. He was trying to find a home for the puppy, and thought that leaving her in front of the school would do it.

The janitor and the teacher see the little boy as a hero. What do you think of his act?

If you’re interested to know, Snowflake has a forever home now.