Pictures that will seriously mess with your head

Pictures that will seriously mess with your head


There are many weird and wonderful pictures that you will find on the internet. At first glance, the picture will seem confusing and it may take a while for you to realise why it looks so strange. Here are some pictures that will definitely mess with your head.

Midsomer Murder

Look at the collection of Midsomer Murders on the shelf. The television seems to be playing one of the old episodes of the show. However, it is in fact just a reflection of the woman sitting in front of the television.

One With The Cosmos?

This looks like a picture taken from outer space. Just look at all the lights that
sparkle in the dark. However, this is actually a picture from Earth showing an aerial view of the Burning Man Festival.

A Charity Ad By The Swiss

This ad for a Swiss charity will confuse you. Who is wearing the captain’s hat? Common sense says it’s not the man with the shaggy hair and beard, but it is confusing nevertheless.

The Ending Of Interstellar

This is quite a trippy picture and it looks like the ending of the movie Interstellar. In reality, all it took to get this picture was to focus on all the stacks of books in the library.

Baby With A Ponytail

This is a new-born baby and it seems like she already has enough hair for a ponytail! However, it is not what it seems, and is actually just a wig hanging in the background.