Owner locks herself outside; dog comes to rescue (Video)

Owner locks herself outside; dog comes to rescue (Video)


No one is in doubt about the fact that there are a lot of advantages when it comes to owning a dog. Owner Kaylyn Marie is about to be surprised as how helpful her dog, Sam is when she needed him the most.

On Saturday, Marie was swimming in her backyard pool when somehow the piece of wood that she uses to close the door when she won’t be around slid into place and locked the entrance door. Somehow, Marie had locked herself out. Luckily for her, Sam was still inside so he managed to help her in his way.

She said she was attempting to make Sam paw at the door, but with little hope that he would understand the message and actually do it. Sam however managed to go through with the task and thanks to him, Marie was able to get back inside. She further added that she knows her dog is super intelligent and probably understood all along what was going on and what his task was. She said no matter what went through his head, it was super clear that he was super excited to get the door pop open.

We hope Sam got all the good treats after as a reward. Ever since she posted the video on Facebook, it has received 300,000 shares and likes, making many other people fall in love with him. Marie finally added that it is needless to be pointed out but she truly has the most amazing dog ever.