Orca whales trail a California charter boat as they play in its...

Orca whales trail a California charter boat as they play in its wave


On a Saturday morning, a fishing charter boat in the coast of southern California visited a pod of orca whales.

Ryan Sweeney, the captain, was leading the Brink Expeditions near the Coronado Islands.

He told that they were like eight miles off the islands when a group of whales were seen in Mexican waters.

Sweeney told the NBC 7: ‘We spent about one and a half hours with them as they played around the boat’.

He also stated: ‘All of us on board were blown away by how curious and inquisitive they were. We even saw the biggest one munching on a sea lion carcass about 40 yards away from the boat. Then they proceeded to play in our wake, doing barrel rolls and surfing the wake.’

According to the captain there were like five or six orca in the pod.

He said that the crew were eight miles off the islands in Mexican waters when they saw the whales.

Mammals are seen playing in the water as they watch them in excitement.

Sweeney stated:  ‘It was really an incredible interaction that very few are lucky enough to experience in Southern California waters. It is rare that they come that close to our coast during their migration. Once in a lifetime’

They spent like half an hour with there as they were watching them playing in the water.