Monkey picks up abandoned puppy in the street but nobody could have...

Monkey picks up abandoned puppy in the street but nobody could have predicted why


A baby pup was abandoned and was wandering the streets of Rode India, clearly needing help. And help he got indeed- not from a human however but rather from a monkey. Yep, you heard that right.

When a monkey saw the abandoned pup, his paternal instincts kicked in and he immediately picked up the puppy and adopted it as his own.

Believe it or not however, he took care of the puppy, providing food, and protecting the little one from any external harm that might come to him. We can for sure all learn a lesson or two from this monkey. Especially some of us!

He was drawn to the puppy immediately, taking him close up just like he would be had the dog been his own. Perhaps the monkey dad lost a kid of his own and so that resulted in this strong urge to take care of the pup.

Unsurprisingly, the pair has become quite famous in the streets of Rode as they take care of each other, leaving food for one another and making sure they are healthy. Whenever the pair finds food, it is amazing how the monkey sacrifices himself, lets the dog eat first, just like any parent would. This is real proof that animals can sometimes be even kinder than us the humans.

The monkey additionally cleans up the puppy of mites and fleas. The pup is for sure lucky to have found a savior and someone who takes care of him, or otherwise he would most probably be in a much worse condition.

The pup doesn’t try to run away either as he knows who his adoptive father is and has accepted him as such. The puppy also has a bedtime! The monkey takes him up on the treetops whenever sleep time comes.

Monkeys are quite like humans in many ways. For example, they have a sense of overprotection for their family just like humans do so the monkey’s behavior is unsurprisingly familiar and suited to his nature.

Usually, the two species are not quite fond of each other but this case is different. Sure, as the puppy grows bigger, it will become harder for the monkey to carry him around. No matter how things will turn up, we wish them the best of luck and a life full of love with each other.