Mom questions “who made this mess”; the puppy’s reaction stole the hearts...

Mom questions “who made this mess”; the puppy’s reaction stole the hearts of the viewers


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have done something you know you’ll get in trouble for? Perhaps when you were a kid you spilled something on the floor, used your mom’s make up, broke something valuable. Always in the end you would hope not to get caught.

A similar scenario sometimes happens with dogs too. One does something bad and hopes for the other dogs not to rat him/her out. In this video however, the innocent dogs decided to raise their voice and tell who the guilty dog is. They simply threw their friend under the bus to save themselves.

Cody, Muphy, and Maggie are all being questioned by their owner momma. How will she know who the guilty dog is? Time could tell for sure, but so could the dogs. Talk about a man’s best friend. It looks like Maggie needs to find new friends after all, for she was snitched pretty quickly.

After Maggie was ratted out, momma continues questioning as if to be sure. Maggie’s consciousness gets a better hold of her too eventually. Her reactions are so cute and human-like (like those of small child who has been caught on a guilty act), that it is hard to remain mad at her. Not to mention how cute the whole scenario is when Maggie exits the room and is free of interrogation.