Mom Asks the Dog To Bark – She’s Up for a Surprise!

Mom Asks the Dog To Bark – She’s Up for a Surprise!


Dogs are very good learners, be it on how to eat, how to drink, how to sit, and many other things we might teach them. But we’ve also seen dogs that learn how to sing, how to surf, or skateboard. So the list of their talents is limitless. So, you think you’ve seen it all… But now before you’ve seen this dog!

What happens in this video is that the human mom who is recording the video asks the dog to bark, and he does just that. Then she asks him to bark slower and softer, which she does. This behavior is repeated in the video, but it is the cutest thing and it will keep you laughing at all times.

And even though we know that dogs can have a lot of talents, this one a new one for us. It is new and funny because it is also combined with the sense of humor of the dog in the video.


We wish we had this dog – a calm, smart, funny one. He is one of a kind. And he seems to be listening to the owner and playing along with her. What a combination!

Please watch the video below to understand more about the interaction of the dog and the owner, and their barking exercise.

Also, share it with friends and family to brighten up their days. It will be a fun video to watch for everyone! They’ll thank you later J.