Meet Eris, the Borzoi sighthound dog with the world’s longest nose

Meet Eris, the Borzoi sighthound dog with the world’s longest nose


I’m sure we’ve all come across animals that have made us turn our heads and have a second look, but have you ever seen a dog quite like this?

Meet Eris – the Borzoi Sighthound, from Richmond, Virginia, who is believed to be the dog with the longest nose in the world!

Eris was adopted by his owners, Lily and Savannah in July 2018, and little did they know then that they might have a world record-breaker on their hands.

As she began to grow, it became evident that they had sniffed out a pooch with a quite remarkable snout. Eris’s nose has been measured at 12.2 inches, meaning that it’s more than one-foot long, giving us a whole new understanding of a foot-long hot dog!

One of the problems faced by Lily and Savannah is that Eris’s nose isn’t the only long thing they have to contend with – their walks with her have become very lengthy too. This is due to their neighbours’ fascination with Eris and her world-renowned snout

Borzoi Sighthounds originated in Russia, where they are known as wolfhounds, and the name of their breed translates to ‘fast’ – but don’t confuse them with greyhounds. Their quiet and docile personalities mean that they make great pets, and they’re great at adapting to life in the suburbs. The fact that they rarely bark also means they’re a great hit with the neighbours!