Magician puts up a show for shelter dogs, receiving the cutest reactions...

Magician puts up a show for shelter dogs, receiving the cutest reactions ever


Magician John Stessel is no wonder a sensation among people, certainly never failing to amaze them with his amazing magic tricks. Recently however, he had the chance to perform in front of a very special audience- a group of adoptable shelter dogs. To make it even better, the dogs’ reactions are really priceless.

Partnering up with director Rob Bliss and TBS, Stessel visited the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York where he entertained pups awaiting for families to adopt them. This was a good opportunity for them to show their amazing personalities to possible adopters.

Stessel claimed that he has always wanted to put up a performance for animals, and being given this opportunity was true magic for him.

He said that the reactions he got from the dogs were amazing, honest, and really cute. After the show ended, the dogs were showered with attention and cuddles. And with a little luck and magic, they will hopefully soon make magic tricks of their own- creating their own families and finding a place to belong.

Stessel added that he really wishes for all of the dogs to be adopted for all they seemed to need is some attention and love.