Kangaroo takes first hops toward caretaker and does an adorable flip in...

Kangaroo takes first hops toward caretaker and does an adorable flip in its sack


The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Central Australia houses kangaroos of different ages. It rescues, rehabilitates, and then releases them back into the wild. It also serves as a refugee camp for all kangaroos that have been raised by wildlife carers and are too tamed or injured to go back in the wild. The kangaroos are taken care of and live a good quality life in the 188-acre sanctuary.

Recently, one of their youngest named Bradley became orphaned when their mother was hit by a car. The kangaroo expert, Chris “Brogla” Barns has been carrying the little one on a fabric pooch for weeks so as to imitate the little one’s mother’s sack. Bradley leaves him out of the sack for a few minutes so he can build up his strength.

This video shows the kangaroo bouncing around before finally going back into the sack with its head first. Luckily, this sack provides him with the security that he would normally get from his mother. Brogla, his wife Tahnee, and the rest of the caretakers in the sanctuary do a great job at meeting the kangaroo’s needs.

Though Bradley might look tiny in the video, keep in mind that kangaroos can grow from three to eight feet tall and weight between 40 and 200 pounds. Bradley has recently been released back into the bush where he will have access to plenty of food and water.