Historic photos which show that the past had more class

Historic photos which show that the past had more class


Every recorded moment, whether it’s in the form of a photograph or a video, creates a feeling of nostalgia. These photographs show that people back then had a great appreciation for style, taste and class, and the colorfulness of their lives transcends beyond all boundaries making these photos come to life. This liveliness is something that seems to be rare to find these days.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford had just shot to fame with the first Indiana Jones’ movie – The Lost Ark. This is a photograph from that time and the black and white effect helps to exaggerate his handsome features.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman sailing in a boat in Venice. He was a legend in his own right. Here he is seen giving a high-risk shot in a motorboat.

Man In Sunglasses With Skateboard In Central Park, New York

A man in a suit on a skateboard is the center of attraction in Central Park, New York. He has captured the attention of everybody who is nearby.
Louis Armstrong And His Wife Near Pyramids Of Giza

Musician Louis Armstrong plays a tune for his wife near the pyramids of Giza. He lovingly plays the trumpet for his wife as she looks on. The sphinx also looks cute in the background
Sunday Morning In Chicago

A group of children prepared for their Sunday mass. Although this is the most gun-happy city in America, everybody still knew how to dress up like a gentleman when they went to church.
Clint Eastwood Walking On The Road
Here Clint Eastwood is seen walking on the road amidst all the traffic in Rome. After the Dirty Harry movies, he became a global superstar.
Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn after the success of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She had become a roaring success in Hollywood and across the world
Plunging Necklines Of The 1950s
The 1950s was the time of rebellious fashion trends. Here the women are seeing wearing off-shoulder dresses, which was a first in those times
Ice Skating

Ice skating was in fashion back in those days too. But unlike today, people used to skate in suits. Nowadays, we have a whole lot of different gear for ice skating