Harry Potter facts that you didn’t know about


    Do you consider yourself to be a true fan when it comes to all things Harry Potter? Do you think that you know everything that there is to know about the magical world created by J K Rowling? In other words, are you a true Potterhead? Every now and then, the author releases facts about the Harry Potter universe that keeps the fans engaged, even all these years after the movies and books were released. If you’re one of those Muggles who are not aware of these facts, we have collected them all here for you.

    Harry Potter & Voldemort Were Related

    Yes, the entire franchise was based around a family feud because it so happens that Harry Potter and Tom Riddle were distantly related. We come to know about this in the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when the Tale of the Three Brothers was being told. The youngest brother is the ancestor of Harry Potter while the brother with the Resurrection Stone was an ancestor of Lord Voldemort

    Voldemort Feared Himself

    A Boggart is a creature that transforms itself into the greatest fear of the person standing in front of it. This was first introduced to us in the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Many fans wondered what shape the Boggart would take if Voldemort stood in front of it; they thought it would change into Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore, the former being the only wizard to have defeated him and the latter being the only wizard that he feared. However, Rowling later revealed that Voldemort’s Boggart would turn into a lifeless form of Voldemort himself.

    You Have Been Pronouncing Voldemort All Wrong

    Did you know that the T in Voldemort is actually silent? This was explained by Rowling herself but she also said that she was happy with the way that the movies pronounced it, since it was the more popular way of pronouncing the Dark Lord’s name

    Ginny’s Professional Quidditch Player Career

    Fans have been badgering Rowling for more information about the lives of the characters in the books and the movies. These revelations have been told to the world on Pottermore, a website owned by Rowling herself. On this website, we can see that Ginny Weasley decided to follow her passion of playing Quidditch and became a full-time professional Quidditch player.

    Ginny After Retiring

    After retiring from playing Quidditch professionally, Ginny decided to work for the Daily Prophet as a Quidditch reporter. The Daily Prophet is the main source of news and updates for the magical community and we just love the way that the pictures move in the newspaper.

    Hermione Reunited With Her Parents

    In the last book, we saw that Hermione had to remove all memories of herself from her parents’ minds and convince them to move to Australia in order to keep them safe from the wrath of the Death Eaters. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione reunited with her parents and undid the memory spell

    James Sirius Potter Stole The Marauder’s Map

    The Marauder’s Map was one of the most interesting magical artifacts, that showed everyone’s position in Hogwarts. James Sirius Potter stole the map from Harry’s desk and this was revealed by Rowling on one of the forums. This was clearly a trait that he inherited from his rebellious father.