German Shepherd Mom Is Captivated By Her Puppies

German Shepherd Mom Is Captivated By Her Puppies


Some things are simply not explained with words. They go beyond what words can say, and are feelings that can only be experienced, but not described. Such is the love of a mother when she sees the newborn child, the creature she has carried under her heart.

Such is the story you will read in this article. It talks about a mother dog who sees her newborn. The pain that she felt when she was giving birth was quickly forgotten. She was even feeling stronger than ever because she knew she would see her child. She would be able to give him or her a hug, a kiss, or even just stay close.

Well, when you hear of such things, most will think that we’re talking about human mothers. But this is not the case, as animal mothers can be very affectionate. This you will see in the video below.

In the video you will see how the Dog mom is super happy to see her puppies. She looks at them with joy, excitement, and proudness. She makes sure that every one of her puppies is safe. Just like any other mother would.

In fact, when puppies are born, they cannot do much without the supervision and the help of their mother. Therefore, the mother dog is almost always there for them, unless there is an emergency. This goes on for at least 12 days after the puppies are born.

After the dogs spend some time in this world, or more specifically three weeks after they are born, they get used to the environment and can do many things on their own. However, this does not mean that the mother will not be taking care of them.

She’s always there for them, whenever they need her.

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