German Shephard’s and his favorite unusual toy

German Shephard’s and his favorite unusual toy


As humans we tend to buy a lot of toys for our pets in general, sometimes they don’t even ask for them but we just feel the need to buy for the simple fact that they are toys. Often it happens that this first day when we give the new toy to them they are super excited about and then after one day they totally forget about them, thus adding them to their pile of stuff.

Well, the same idea applies for Mavrick a German Shephard who loves playtime and had a giant pile of toys. However, one is always his favorite!

When his owner asks Mavrick to please go and bring his favorite toy, he jumps and goes to find it and the “toy” he pulls out is the funniest thing you have ever seen. It is a “Paper Ball” , yes , as simple as that!

But seeing Mavrick playing with his favorite toy is super fun as he seems so excited and drawn by it. He loves crunching it and making all the sounds. Thus, he could care less about all the other beautiful and expensive toys his owner has bought him.

Sometimes, simple things make us happy!