Driver spots a super cute couple driving down the highway and we...

Driver spots a super cute couple driving down the highway and we get to discover the adventure the pair has been through (VIDEO)


A woman was driving down a highway recently in Las Vegas when she spotted something driving along side her. It left her completely astonished and she had to take the phone out, record, and make sure the recording is sent to her daughter.

Kaelyn, her daughter, posted the footage in Twitter with the description “My mom saw this on the freeway today.”

The video shows a man driving in his motorcycle along the way with another passenger holding onto his back- his husky, Sox.

Michael Fiala, the motorcyclist said that there clearly is a story behind all this, but he has retained from posting anything as he’d rather live the story rather than share it. He said that he had purposefully avoided social media as people would have thought that he is doing it for the followers.


Fiala’s first introduction with Sox started eight years ago when Fiala’s dad decided to surprise the latter with a present. Fiala said he had showed up in his dad’s house and heard a little noise. He remembers thinking “What in the world is that.” Walking inside, he saw Sox and immediately fell in love with the dog.

What he didn’t foresee however is that Sox would become an adventure dog. It had all started out of an impracticality when Fiala had to move to Hawaii. He decided to sell his car, keeping only the motorcycle he had just gotten prior to graduating from college.

So, having a dog but no car indeed required some adjustments. Luckily, Fiala had quite an experience with animals. “My degree is animal behavior and zoology, so studying animals is my specialty, and I worked as dog groomer and a dog trainer,” Fiala added, so he clearly needed to come up with a way to make this work.

Fiala said that it took him longer than anticipated to get the dog comfortable enough to get on the bike, and let alone ride in it. He added that this was of course a gradual process. It started with him putting Sox in the bike first, then allowing him to jump on the bike when he felt comfortable enough. After he had mastered these two skills, Fiala added that he would put the car on neutral and ride with Sox at around one mile per hour.

Then it had to start all over again when Fiala turned on the bike and Sox had to get used to the motor noise and vibration.

After many training sessions, Fiala and Sox managed to ride together in the bike. They even saw amazing scenery around Hawaii including volcanoes.

“We drove around in Hawaii for six years,” Fiala added. “I was doing all these hikes and adventures and I brought my dog for all those experiences.”

Six years later he decided to include Sox in a larger adventure.

Fiala’s personal goal includes visiting all 50 states, all of their national parks, and the major league baseball stadiums. He wants to accomplish this adventure with Sox, so that is what the pair has been working on this past few months.

In March of last year, Fiala started documenting some of his journey with Sox on Instagram. While some people are truly inspired by what they see, others are more skeptical. Some even say he should have his dog taken away from him, to which Fiala responds that while he appreciates their concern, they just don’t know what they are talking about as they don’t know his story.

As of now, Fiala and Sox have covered around 60,000 miles together on a motorcycle.

Fiala added that there will always be people judging you, no matter the decision you undertake. He said that what he had planned with Sox wasn’t a one time thing; he was indeed trying to make a connection with the dog and establish a long-term relationship so they could both enjoy sightseeing together.

Lastly, Fiala added that after having completed the current adventure, they plan to even visit the 7 continents together. They have already been in two- North and South America, so only 5 more to go! Yay!

The near future’s plan is to visit the Joshua Tree National Park.

Fiala said that so far it has been amazing for both of them and he hopes this adrenaline and enthusiasm will continue.