Dog’s owner sells the cow that raised him; the dog is so...

Dog’s owner sells the cow that raised him; the dog is so saddened that he runs away to find her whereabouts [Video]


Some friendships aren’t planned, they just happen. Such was also the case of Rookie, a stray puppy who bonded with a cow. Rookie was an abandoned up who was adopted by a family. The cow soon became his surrogate mama, and the pair was inseparable.

As time passed by, Rookie’s owner started to find themselves at an economic hardship, struggling for financial resources. Because they couldn’t afford to keep the cow and care for it, they decided to sell it off to a neighbor- despite their broken hearts they believed the cow would be better off somewhere else with people who can provide for her better.

When Rookie found out that his surrogate mom wasn’t there anymore, he cried and cried, unable to accept the fact that his play date and mom wasn’t there anymore. He probably felt life wasn’t worth living without his best friend there.

Several days after helplessly trying to help the pup, he decided to solve the problem on his own by running away. With his keen nose, he was able to trace the cow’s location. Their reunion was heart-warming. Rookie especially went crazy and he seemed to be relieved that his friend was okay.

This reaction startled the owners who knew they had to do something about this situation. They decided to cut back financially on other costs just so that they can bring the cow home. They paid back the neighbor who agreed on the transaction and Rookie got his best friend back. Now they are back together enjoying their days.

Such an unusual friendship further serves to prove that animals are amazing, innocent creatures who love unconditionally.