Dog joins in to a family sitting down to say grace- here...

Dog joins in to a family sitting down to say grace- here is the amazing footage


Dogs are amazing creatures, and I will not hesitate to reiterate this over and over again. Some make you laugh, some others make you feel special, and there is a reason why they are called a man’s best friend.

Today I want to show you a video of a Jack Russell terrier who loves to spend time with his family. Wherever they want to go, he wants to go too. And who can blame him,. They do look like a lovey family.

Family traditions range across different families around the world. This one American family, just like many across the States likes to say prayers prior to dinner time. You can see in this video the mom saying a prayer as the family members sit around waiting, heads bowed, and hands in prayer. We do spot another special guest sitting around the table however.

The Jack Russell is also putting his paws together in a prayer motion; it appears like everyone in this family loves to say grace.

We can’t tell whether the dog was trained to do so or he picked up the ritual on his own. In either case, it is very cute to witness such a behavior on a dog.