Dog chained up for 5 years gets to see the ocean finally...

Dog chained up for 5 years gets to see the ocean finally (Video)


Herschel, a five-year old German Shepherd has had one tough life. He has lived chained up in a backyard for his whole life. His teeth were all gnawed down from having chewed on chains his whole life, trying to break free.

Rocky Kanaka

He was eventually surrendered to the Michelson Found Animals who took care of him from there on and gave him a much needed bath. Sadly however, he was adopted many times and each time was returned to the shelter (none of them being his fault). Still, the life in the shelter is much better than what he had been through for a whole five years.

Rocky Kanaka

To give the dog a chance at being happy, the shelter contacted Rocky Kanaka, a TV host and a pet rescuer advocate to meet with the dog. The pair formed an immediate bond and Kanaka decided to give Herschel a “Dog’s Day Out”- a YouTube show that gives dogs their “best day” ever.

Rocky Kanaka

As his best day Heschel got to see snow which he absolutely loved. Later, as the pair was heading toward the dog’s new mom in Los Angeles, the dog got to see the ocean for the first time. He was so excited at the sight of the ocean, barking all the time with joy. He even went in without any hesitation of getting wet or feeling cold. The sight was a true bliss to see.

Herschel is now happy with his new mom in sunny California. He will never be chained again, and lucky for him, he’ll get to see the ocean much more often from now on.