Dad spends all day trying to put up a fence for his...

Dad spends all day trying to put up a fence for his dog. In a matter of 13 seconds he finds out he was being tricked


We all know dogs are hyperactive creatures and love to run around. To prevent any accidents or runaways, YouTube user “Rusty Graves” decides to fence the area so that his dog, Stella, would be contained within desired grounds.

To set up the fence, Rusty wrote “before setting up the fence, I had Stella jump on the baby gate inside, and after I added 6 inches to the real fence”. “She set me up” he confessed.

Rusty spent hours trying to build up the fence, and when he was finally done and admiring his work of art, he decided to call Stella, introduce her to the newest enemy, while catching the whole thing on camera. He seemed very proud too, by the looks of it.

And then boom. Just when we thought that Randy’s hard work is paying off, we have Stella showing us how smart an animal can really be. Is this the cutest thing or what?