Dad decides to tell Greyhound a spooky bedtime story and her scared...

Dad decides to tell Greyhound a spooky bedtime story and her scared reaction has us all laughing [Video]


Who said that we are to hear spooky stories on Halloween? This Greyhound snuggles up next to her human and decides to listen to a scary story despite the fact that October is nowhere in sight.

Emma, the Italian Greyhound, is all curled up next to her dad who has a story to share, a story that he made up just for her! Emma knows that it is going to be a scary story as soon as her daddy starts to speak in a low but ominous voice.

As the story goes on, Emma reacts perfectly to all the little climaxes of the plot, especially when she learns of the evil chihuahua and Guava Melon that live in the forest (no idea why they’re scary, but clearly Emma knows). When she learns that the pair has stolen her treats, her face is priceless!

Emma’s owner has said that this is a usual game that the family plays with Emma. For some reason, her dad says, words that scare her the most include Guava Melon, chihuahua, and MAMA. In addition, if you attempt to sing opera or imitate Pavarotti (if you can), she will freak out too! So daddy decided to make up this story for Emma and made sure that she got treats after for having gone through this mini-torture session of story-telling.

Luckily however, Emma is quite aware that the story is made-up as she gets to snuggle up next to her human at the end of the video, knowing that evil chihuahuas are nowhere in sight and she is protected by her family.