Couple see officer standing in the middle of the road in pouring...

Couple see officer standing in the middle of the road in pouring rain- as they get closer they understand why (Video)


Carolyn B.R Hammett and her husband were driving home in Greenbelt, Maryland, when they came across a strange sight. Standing in the middle of the road in pouring rain was a policewoman who was not moving but looked surprisingly happy and seemed to be smiling.

She sure was super confused at first as the road wasn’t flooded which would explain the presence of a policewoman in that mayhem, but that was not the case. As they got closer however they realized that she was standing over something.

A foolish turtle had decided to fall asleep in the middle of the road and the policewoman decided to guard her. Given the poor visibility due to the pouring rain, the chances of the turtle getting run over were really high. Thankfully, she was there to keep it safe.

Carolyn said that she couldn’t believe her eyes as not many people would do what the woman was doing, especially not in such atmospheric conditions for sure. She was serving and protecting in every sense of the word.

As it happens, the officer had been on the way home from a ceremony when she was alerted about the situation. Given that snapping turtles were hard to handle and fragile, she waited for the rescuers to show up.

Carolyn and her husband ran home, grabbed two shovels, and came back to lift the turtle safely out of the road. The officer was super thankful to the couple, and the couple described her as vibrant and full of life, not feeling bad at all for having stayed in the middle of pouring rain. The couple claimed that the officer was an inspiration to them, and they believe that every officer should show the same attitude.

Sharnise Hawkins-Graham is known to her community for hard work, kindness, and dedication to her job. Last October she was accoladed with the Greenbelt Police Officer of the Year award, a title which we all agree is very well deserved. What an inspiration.