Boy finds a stray puppy, picks him up, and carries him safely...

Boy finds a stray puppy, picks him up, and carries him safely in his schoolbag


This little dog found his hero one of these days. Though his hero, João Gabriel is only 10 years old, he knows better than some of the grown-ups. Earlier that month, the boy was on his way to school when he came across a little life that needed saving. The lonely white puppy was laying in front of him. Gabriel told Globo News that he was upset because the dog was alone and appeared to be lonely and very hungry. He added that he took the dog to the pharmacy that he passes by every day.

Outside the pharmacy there is a bowl of water and food that is left there for stray dogs to feed in. Gabriel figured this would be the best place to take the dog to, so he loaded the pup on his backpack and carried him there. What he didn’t know however was that a security camera was recording his whole act of love.

The boy then said goodbye to the little puppy who luckily wasn’t left alone for a long time. The pharmacy workers alerted Josiel Pedro Barbosa, the animal rescuer that manages the bowl in front. He came to pick up the pup for safekeeping.

Afterward, Barbosa decided to post about it online, letting viewers know what had happened, and pleading whether there would be anyone willing to adopt the pooch. Someone stepped forward to adopt him. The video of Gabriel went viral too!

Before Gabriel’s family knew it, the video was watched over a million times and the boy was praised for his heroism. However, to the little boy, all that mattered was the fact that the dog was safe and sound. He said that the other day he had passed by the pharmacy to check on the dog and he was so happy to learn that he had been adopted and will live a happy life from now on.

As a token of thanks, the pharmacy awarded the boy with a pair of sneakers. Barbosa who has been working with stray animals for years has said that his spirits are raised when he comes across such instances of young souls behaving this way.

He said it was good to see that there are other people with the same mission as yours out there, and there is hope for a better world.