Baby Zebra Is Rescued From Drowning In Water Hole by The Heroic...

Baby Zebra Is Rescued From Drowning In Water Hole by The Heroic Zookeepers


Every now and then we hear of horrific stories that make us lose our faith in humanity. But, more so, we hear other stories from which our faith in humanity is restored. Such is the case of a video which has been shared multiple times, and it shows some fast-thinking zookeepers saving a baby Zebra, right after it was born. In fact, the story happened just seconds after the Baby Zebra was born.

This story happened in the Valencia Bioparc in the eastern Spanish region.

The story goes like this. According to the reports, The Mom Zebra was expected to give birth and was constantly monitored. However, when the Baby came out, something unexpected happened. The umbilical cord was cut and the male foul was unfortunately, and very sadly, stuck in the watering hole.

Credit: Bioparc Valencia/CEN

As you will yourself notice in the video, the Mom Zebra looks very upset. The labour was hard enough for her, and to add salt to the wound, her baby was facing an extremely hard situation as well. However, the two rescuers go into the water, and save the baby by carrying it to safety.

Credit: Bioparc Valencia/CEN

The mother gets close to them, but one of the zookeepers, at the same time the rescuers, splashes her with water, to allow them to do the job. But as the mother was very upset, the man quickly do the job, and give the baby to the Mom Zebra, who is later calmed down and can tend to the baby.

Credit: Bioparc Valencia/CEN
Credit: Bioparc Valencia/CEN

According to the reports, even though this was an unexpected and a rare situation, both the mom and the baby are doing just fine.
The Mom and the Baby Zebra had a rough start. However, hopefully this is a start to a quiet, happy, and healthy life together, thanks to the rescue team who were there in time, and quick on their feet, and rescued the Baby Zebra.