Attention-seeking Great Dane snuggles with his owner in the sofa

Attention-seeking Great Dane snuggles with his owner in the sofa


We all know dogs crave attention right? No matter whether they’re puppies or big dogs, attention is all they seek. This Great Dane for example is hungry for some attention from his owner so he decides to lie on top of the man as the guy tries to watch TV.

To add to that, the dog is the size of the man, so you can picture how hilarious that must look even if there was no visual evidence you could refer to. He nonchalantly leaps on the sofa, taking a rather uncomfortable position (for the owner at least).

The owner remains unimpressed through it all; perhaps his dog has done this before?

The dog switches positions back and forth in order to find the most comfortable one, much to the annoyance of the owner who keeps staring at him the whole time, clearly not being able to watch TV anymore.

The Dane then goes close up to the man and looks him straight in the eye with his big eyes, longing eyes. Though the man gives him a nudge with his elbow, the canine doesn’t give up and demands more attention.

He even puts his head over the man, completely blocking the latter’s view. At this point, the guy realizes he has to switch positions and sit up if he wants to get anything off the TV.

I wonder what happened next. Did the dog give up the cuddling?