Animals take revenge of a man who attacked one of their mates

Animals take revenge of a man who attacked one of their mates


A recent video published on social networks has caused a lot of outrage as the security cameras recorded the moment when a group of dogs started to destroy a car. It is known that the owner of this car was spotted hitting a dog some moments before the incident happened.

The puppy was not a part of the family but it seems like he has some very loyal friends.

After what happened to the puppy, the dogs destroyed the man’s car in the streets of Mexico.

This street is known for having many street dogs. It seems like hunger and loneliness have made them create this strong friendship as they go through difficulties every day.

The man who attacked the dog intended to park his car but the dog didn’t move from the place probably from hunger and fatigue of living in the streets.

The man got out of his car and hit the dog. After this incident, with no idea how it happened, the dog came back with a group of friends and started to bite the tires of the car and damage it.

This dog who has been previously kicked takes revenge with the help of his friends.

The images are going viral on internet and the video has reached more than 50,000 views on Facebook.

Check out the video to see the scene yourself.