An Iguana lost at sea gets saved by a kayaker (Video)

An Iguana lost at sea gets saved by a kayaker (Video)


It is not every day that we encounter stranded iguanas swimming out in the sea, but when we see one we know that they must be in trouble. This is exactly what one kayaker who was getting back to the shore saw, he noticed from far away something that looked like fins but he was not sure what they were. So, he decided to get closer and so he saw an iguana trying to swim back to the shore.

It is bizarre to see an iguana that far away from the shore, now there are some iguanas that swim in the water closer to the island but never you can expect to see one that far away. This iguana must have gone been pushed this way by the currents or it was caught in a strong outgoing tide and ended up 4 miles away from land.

As such, the kayaker got closer to the iguana and helped the creature to get out of the water and jump into the kayak so he can give it a ride back to the land. He said that if he had not helped the iguana, it most probably would have died from the current far out which would have pushed the animal further away.

He stated:
“ Most likely it would have died out there as the current that far out would most likely push it East with very little chance of coming back inshore.”

The kayaker got all the situation on camera as he thought that this situation will not happen often in his life.