A sweet surprise for the dog lover Sherri

A sweet surprise for the dog lover Sherri


Sherri is a dog lover who has dedicated her whole life to rescuing dogs and finding a family for them. She runs an animal rescue and she tries to take case of homeless dogs in Southern California. This is Sherri’s calling and she loves doing this job, however, it does not mean that it is easy. Often times she struggles keeping the shelter up and going and she is devastated whenever some old or hurt dogs are not adopted although they too need a home.

One of the events that Sherri organizes often times, is an adoption event. She gatherers all her dogs and sets them in one place and has people came over who want to adopt dogs. These events have always been good, and Sherri was able to find homes for her loving dogs. Nevertheless, she organized another one this year but she never expected a surprise like this.

Her friend Susan, understands the struggles that Sherri has gone through, as such she has contacted Prank It FWD to help Sherri and show the love that her and her volunteers in the shelter deserve. Because of this event and this beautiful surprise all the dogs have a home and loving families and Sherri has a new truck with which she can travel to find more dogs and families to adopt them.


Watching the video will make you shed some tears of happiness as it shows the beauty of kindness that is in all us people!