A polite dog tries to get his pillow from the cat (Video)

A polite dog tries to get his pillow from the cat (Video)


If we have a cat and a dog in one house, there will always be stories to tell about their relationship.  Because of the size that they have over the cats, one might think that dogs should be the “bosses” of the house but it is not true.  Dogs are always polite and just like with humans they will show love and appreciation to other animals too. On the other hand, cats can behavior in a very rude manner sometimes.

This is a story showing that when dog wanted to take a nap at his pillow after a long day, he couldn’t. There was a problem, the cat decided that they want to lay there and will not give up the bed by any means. The do being polite and all, does not take the risk to fight with the boss cat. As such, for a while he set at a distance and sometimes let out some winning showing that he is not happy with the situation.

I general some dogs are just not persistent and will not push to much to get what they want, rather they want to do everything with little understanding. This reaction however, does not impress cats whatsoever, but they just do it anyway. The dogs instead will have to wait until  the cat is done with having fun and then they can go back to their beds.

In the video we can see how the dog tries to politely take the pillow from the cat!