A little puppy wants to stay together with his favorite humans at...

A little puppy wants to stay together with his favorite humans at any cost


Getting a new puppy is always fun and an adventure. First, they are so attached to their owners that they want to follow everywhere. Second, we need to teach them boundaries within the house.

This family is going through the two processes, their new little puppy wants to hang out with his favorite humans all the time and he is even trying creative ways to be with them. Some families have rooms or couches that they don’t want their pets/ dogs to go into. As such, they will try to train them that way so they don’t go into those rooms. However, it is a little hard to block a tiny puppy who can crawl under anything to join the party.

The owners, tried to barricade the door by stuffing a dressing gown under the crack of the door , to just teach the tiny puppy that he should not get inside that room. The dog did not obey, he just started to squeeze in and the situation is so adorable to watch. The tiny dog while squeezing he starts to squeak a little and pushes the dress away to make room for himself. When he entered the room, his face is just precious and all happy to join his favorite humans.

This time, the owners were happy and it was very funny to watch. However, they still need to figure out ways to teach their new puppy some boundaries of the house.