A Golden Retriever Does Not Want To Leave The Park

A Golden Retriever Does Not Want To Leave The Park


All dogs love a day at the park, they meet other dogs and get a chance to play around in the fresh a spacious place. Sometimes, it is hard to make them leave the park! They just want to stay and play there forever, they are like little children when visiting a Disney store.

This is exactly what happened with a Golden Retriever who was so happy in the park that he did not want to go home when it was time. The god started to roll over , as he was saying “ No, Dad, don’t make me move.”

The only thing left for the owner to do was to have a little talk with the dog. Explaining to him the importance of leaving now and listening. I mean this is an exact scenario of parents who try to get their children to come home after a good day in the playground.

The owner had no choice but to put a stick between his teeth in order to try to make the dog follow him. And the act although funny, it worked. The Golden Retriever finally got up and started to follow his dad. The reaction of the dog is super funny when he starts to fran and does not want to go home!