A first meeting between a rescue cat and a dog will melt...

A first meeting between a rescue cat and a dog will melt your heart


The encounters between cats and dogs are always a surprise in waiting, it can either be good or bad. The one you are about to read although a surprise, it is a good one.

Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants, is a stray cat who was rescued by Murkin’s loving family. Flufferpants had a rough time in her life, when the family found the cat, the poor guys was in a very bad shape. He was covered in fleas and had signs or scares in the body showing that it was maltreated. Thus, the family decided to offer their home as a temporary solution until a permanent family can be found for the poor cat.

Murkin on the other hand, is the family dog who too is a rescue dog. He is a mutt, a mix of pyrenees, Labrador, golden retriever and Australian shepherd in him. Murkin is a loving dog and very social who loves to be around kittens.

The family decided that it was a good idea to take is a slow when meeting the two. The first, had the cat stay far away from the dog while in the house. This in order for the two to get comfortable with each other’s presence in the house. After two months, the cat and the dog slowly met watch other and since then they have become good friends and treat one another kindly.

The two as such met each other after two month and the result is just adorable. They slowly approached one another, the dog just acted very gently and let the cat approach him. They two are not pals and it seems they will become BFF’s!