4 Dogs Block Traffic – The Reason is Very Sad

4 Dogs Block Traffic – The Reason is Very Sad


In a lot of parts of the world, you can see stray dogs almost everywhere you go. Sometimes you see one walking on the street, and sometimes you see groups of them. In the majority of the cases it is the latter rather than the former because dogs are “pack animals”. So, while they spend time together, they tend to build very strong friendships – they take care of each other in terms of food, places to sleep, and protect one another in our cases. In short, they become like a family.

Sometimes, though, they have to share the pain and the bad days together too. The story for today shares one of those moments. By this video you’ll understand how loyal dogs are not only to humans, but to each other as well.

This story is in China, where a dog has accidentally  been hit by a car. After it happens, you can see the cars going around and there is traffic that is created. The reason for the traffic is that there are four more dogs, the friends, who are trying to protect the body of their companion. They seem to hope that we will wake up, but with no success. Later they realize he’s gone, gone forever.

The dogs keep standing there with their friend, while there’s traffic created in the street. They are not willing to part with their friend. They want to stand there, next to him, like they had always done for each other.

Eye witnesses said that the dogs waited and waited for their friend to wake up, but with no success.

Please watch the video below to understand more about this touching story.